Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Beatles - 'Turn Left at Greenland' 5DVD Box Set 1000 Copies Release 8 August 2008

The title Turn Left at Greenland is a quote taken from John Lennon - When asked how the Beatles found America on their first U.S. visit John said - "Just turn left at Greenland..."

The Turn Left at Greenland 5 DVD box set is the most comprehensive visual document ever culled on The Beatles, painstakingly put together from many private collections it is an essential chance to obtain a piece of history from a time when music was changing the world.

There are 20 hours of documentaries and interviews on a 5 DVD set - in clamshell box. All DVDs are in individual jackets and in the region zero format. There is also a 16 page booklet biography. Comes numbered in a limited edition 1000 copies world-wide

DVD 1 - 4hrs
The Day the Music Died
Last TV Interview
With David Frost Old
With David Frost New

DVD 2 - 4hrs
McCartney 80-89
McCartney 79
McCartney - Interview
McCartney - Parky

DVD 3 - 4hrs
Beatles in Australia
60s Newsreel
Around the Beatles
She Loves You
A Mad Day Out

DVD4 - 4hrs
McCartney 64
Beatle Mania 63-64
Big Night Out
In Bodukan
Beatles 68
Beatles in Holland
Beatles Night Out
Yesterday and Today

DVD5 - 4hrs
Ringo Interview
The End 69-70
Hollywood Bowl
A Year in Pepperland
Beatles and Friends

(Nostalgia Records/F-Minor)

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