Friday, July 25, 2008

B3 Heaven ! Rock Revival's Top Best Twenty Rock Songs Featuring Hammond Organ

You've got to love that a steaming Hammond organ sound, a feature of some classic rock songs and some lesser known belters: be it the original B3 made between '55-'73 or the "New B3" from 2003 it all sounds pretty astounding

Here's out top twenty tracks

1. Whiter Shade of Pale; Procol Harum
2. House of the Rising Sun; The Animals
3. Joy to the World; Three Dog Night
4. Hocus Pocus; Focus
5. America; The Nice
6. Spill the Wine; Eric Burdon and Wat
7. July Morning; Uriah Heep
8. Foreplay/Long Time; Boston
9. The Barbarian Emerson; Lake and Palmer
10. Black Cat; Brian Auger
11. Stop; Al Kooper Mike Bloomfield
12. Long Gone Geek; Procol Harum
13. Dreams; Allman Bros
14. Lady Fantasy; Camel
15. Night Living; Atomic Rooster
16. Daddy Long Legs; Niacin
17. Hold Your Head Up; Argent
18. Get a Grip; Stranglers
19. Back at the Chicken Shack; Jimmy Smith
20. Hog Funk; Niacin

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