Saturday, June 7, 2008

Who Loves Stratovarius ? Yes + Iron Maiden + Spinal Tap = Power Metal Masters

Image:Elements, Pt. 2 cover.jpg

Finland strikes again with this brilliant heavy metal band formed way back in 1982. They first hit it big in Japan of all places, but didnt master the US market intil the late 90's. Think Yes plus Iron maiden, Kansas plus Judas Priest and you have metal for those who want their music melodic without cookie monster vocals.

Good songwriting, excellent metal riffs, and the great vocals of Timo Kotipelto, plus a bit of Spinal Tap thrown in !

Stratovariius are considered to be leaders of power metal, introducing the double-bass speed drumming, unique time signatures, and "epic" feel of the genre

The band is in dissaray at the moment due to internal conflict, with the lead singer and mastermind putting out his own album. They have broken up and disbanded in the past though so we shall have to wait and see.

Image: Courtesy Nuclear Blast

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