Monday, June 9, 2008

Rock Revival's Worst Prog Rock Album Covers

Prog rock has some of the best album covers ever made (Yes Relayer, Jethro Tull Aqualung, King Crimson Court of....) but also some of the worst. Here's the Top Ten bad ones.

1. Procol Harum Salty Dog

Great record but not much thought was put into this

2. ELP: Love Beach

What the ! Looks like a Loggins and Messina album, or latter day America.

3. Rush: Hemispheres

What does the nude guy want !

4. ELP Tarkus

Love this album, imagine the effort that went into it, why get a ten year old to do the cover ?

5. Stratovarius: Infinite

Ok, all their album covers are bad...

6. Ozric Tentacles: The Floor's Too Far Away

Maybe we should be forgiving as they produce all their albums themselves cottage-style

7. Wishbone Ash: Where's the Rub

Sticky Finger 1, Where's the Rub, 0.

8. Rick Wakeman Rock and Roll Prophet

I can't even come up with a comment for this one...........

9. Van Der Graaf Generator: H to He Who Am the Only One

Flying lungs ? A man standing on a can opener in orbit ?

10. Gentle Giant Acquiring the Taste

For what ? Whatever it is, and I think I know, get some tic tacs afterwards.

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