Sunday, June 8, 2008

Eric Burdon Speaks at Bo Diddley's Funeral Today


Singer Eric Burdon of The Animals paid tribute to Bo Diddley at his funeral today, while George Thorogood, Tom Petty and Jerry Lee Lewis sent flowers.

"I've been a fan of his since 16, 17 years of age," Eric said. "He's always been jumping around and very aggressive; if he was onstage with the Stones, he was obviously putting Keith Richards in his place, I call it bone music, because it goes to your bone."

Bo was remembered for his music but also for his charity work.His brother,
the Rev Kenneth Haynes recalls..

"There was one thing he wouldn't give me. That's his hat"

He also recalled Diddley saying: "But this is what God gave me to feed my family. I have to keep doing it until God says it's enough."

The funeral was followed by a concert featuring Diddley's touring band and other musicians.

Image: Courtesy Chess

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