Monday, May 12, 2008

Zappa Plays Zappa [Live] New CD Release June 2, 2008.

Despite all of his craziness Frank Zappa (along with Captain Beefheart) was one of the most versatile and taleted musicians of his generation, combining his love of rock, doo-wop, jingles and atonal avant-garde classical music to create the ultimate post-modern jam

Dweezil Zappa, Frank's son, has been touring for over 2 years with a heap of talented musicians (plus occasional guest Steve Vai) keeping his fathers music alive with faithful versions of "Tell Me You Love Me," "I'm The Slime," "Peaches En Regalia," "Cosmik Debris," "St. Alfonso's Pancake Breakfast", etc. Frank even shows up himself posthumously to play one of his mad genius solos via synchronized audio/video technology

Below is part of a review of the live show courtesy of Variety:

While Frank may have been inspired to play the guitar by the likes of Johnny "Guitar" Watson, Dweezil's style is more informed by Eddie Van Halen. Frank's clusters of soloing notes are as difficult to emulate as his music is complex to perform as a whole, but Dweezil has done an admirable job, surrounding himself with musicians, vets and newcomers alike, who are as capable and dedicated as he is to paying respect -- while giving new life -- to his dad's many works.

Most touching moment took place near set's end when Dweezil introduced "someone who needs no introduction," and a screen came down to present archival video -- and audio -- of Frank walking onto a stage to perform a solo to "Chunga's Revenge" while his offspring-led band accompanied him live. It was a brilliant homage, given that "You Can't Do That" is a pastiche of selected perfs and solos from different shows and eras, all spliced together.

Image: Rykodisc

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