Friday, May 16, 2008

Who Loves Montrose ? Good Rockin' Tonight

Maybe you have to be American to be familiar with this band but I just discovered it and am pretty astounded that they are not better known

Their claim to fame of course is that Sammy Hagar was their vocalist back in the early 70's, the man who had the daunting job of taking over from Van Halen's Diamond Dave.

Ronnie Montrose was the real star of the band, churning out some of the best blues rock and roll that has ever been heard; if you like James Gang, the Faces, Foghat, this is the band for you.

Ronnie Montrose was also a member of another brilliant unrecognised band, the Edgar Winter Group ('Free Ride" being simply one of the best rock songs of this era). Later he formed yet another great band "Gamma"

Montrose's most famous tracks are

"I Got the Fire"
"Bad Motor Scooter"
"Make It Last"
"Rock the Nation"
"Space Station Number 5"

I highly reccommend their debut album, Montrose, every track's a killer

Image: Courtesy Warner Bros

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rock_of_ages said...

No, you don't have to be American to appreciate Montrose. That first album is a classic piece of rock. Some great, great songs on there.

Personally I reckon there is some good stuff to be found on Hagar's solo albums before he joined VH too...