Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What Were The First Albums You Ever Bought ?

Here's another challenge, 2 in 2 days for all you rock bloggers and readers out there ! What are the first ten albums you ever bought, or a rough memory of them if your too old to remember too accurately ?

Here's my best recollection

1. Alice Cooper Goes to Hell

Later I asked my mum what does "Only Women Bleed mean ?", although that was off another album. I was only 13 and definitely didn't want to the answer

2. Elton John Single Man (I think that's what it was called)

If only I'd known that he was already past his prime; should have bought Tumbleweed Connection

3. Deep Purple Live in Japan

This was magic at age 13, a two hour long adventure, I soon got Live in Europe, In Rock, Stormbringer, Machine Head, ect.

4. Wilson Picket

Can't remember the album but this was pretty incredible, Land of a Thousand Dances, what a voice !

5. Spyrogyra

Cant remember the name of the album but Jazz Fusion was big in the record store i went to (later Earl Klugh, Bob James, Grover Washington Jr): not one of my best moments , I thought I was being sophisticated

6. Osibisa

Given to me by my much cooler French friend who also listened to Glenn Miller of all things. Osibisa rocked; African funk !

7. Jim Croce

At this point I must confess I lived in the Philippines as a teenager where albums cost about $1 each: so there was room to buy things that looked like they might be good. This one wasn't

8. Sweet Give Us a Wink

Working this out, I actually bought this alot earlier, at about 10, making this the first one ! Wow, what a great sound !

9. Mud

Can't remember the name of the album but they were part of the galm scene inhabited by Gary Glitter, Sweet, Bat City Rollers. Oh God ! I just remembered I was part of a Gary Glitter Fan Club before i was 10 ! So now Gary Glitter was the first album.

10. The real first one: Louis Armstrong

My dad's favourite; I asked him if I could buy one with my pocket money at age about 9 and told him i wanted to collect them. It all comes flooding back.

Over to You Layla, The Weight, Rock and Roll Guru, Bill Leslie, etcetera..........

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