Saturday, May 3, 2008

Tom Scholz of Boston Promises a New Album

One thing I forgot to mention in the last post about Boston's Tour was the new album that is in progress. If you think their first two albums is all they've got your wrong; I just listened to the late 80's offerring, Third Stage, for example, brilliant !

Tom Scholz told recently that he'll have the new album (the first since 2002's Corporate America) out "just after the first of the year."

He describes it as "really straightforward rock 'n' roll songs and some things that are pretty esoteric.'

"When I first started I was doing music that had pretty simple themes. Then as I got into 'Third Stage' and 'Walk On' I got a little more technical and a little more involved, more complicated. In this one I'm trying to do both."

He's also remixing a few tracks from Corporate America to include on the new one

'Corporate America' was a really poor seller,very few people have heard it. I'd like to give some of these songs another chance to be heard."

All this demonstrates that Tom is getting back on track after Brad Delp's suicide last year

"Brad was the most amazing musician and singer I've ever known. There's nobody on the face of this Earth that could replace him and do what he did but I have to say that these two guys, Michael and Tommy, do a really impressive job of performing these songs live"

Michael is Michael Sweet from Stryper, Tommy isTommy DeCarlo, who Tom caught singing on Youtube

"It seemed wrong not to take it back out, and there were an awful lot of people out there that don't want to hear Boston go away,"

Image: Epic/MCA



Anonymous said...

theres a guy by the name of david van landing ..who i think would be an awesome frontman for boston ...he has been the front man for michael schenker group ..but would love to try out for boston ...any help would be name is keith jones and i can be reached at ...he also has many clips on you tube ....look him up ...thank you very much

Anonymous said...

David would be an excellent choice for frontman!

jeff chance said...

Get Dave Van Landing to sing for Boston!! He's great! Dave's the one with the long hair,

Neily J said...

I e sen David 100's of times over the years. He would be a great fit in Boston.

keith jones said...

someone have tom scholz contact keith jones at can put you through to david van landing need to see and hear him ...awesome front man...

Anonymous said...

Tom has ocds