Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Shock Research: Led Zeppelin and Vanilla Fudge Kills Vegetables

I found this fascinating piece of hardcore science recently while surfing the web;

An intensive series of studies carried out by Dorothy Retallack of Denver, Colorado, demonstrated the effects of different kinds of music on a variety of vegetables. The experiments were controlled under strict scientific conditions, and the vegetables were kept within large closed cabinets on wheels in which light, temperature and air were automatically regulated

She played the music of Led Zeppelin and Vanilla Fudge to one group of beans, squash (marrow), corn, morning glory and coleus; she also played contemporary avant-garde atonal music to a second group; and, as a control, played nothing to a third group. Within ten days, the plants exposed to Led Zeppelin and Vanilla Fudge were all LEANING AWAY FROM THE SPEAKER. After three weeks they were stunted and DYING. The beans exposed to the 'new music' leaned 15 degrees from the speaker and were found to have middle-sized roots. The plants left in silence had the longest roots and grew the highest. Further, it was discovered that plants to which placid, devotional music was played not only grew two inches taller than plants left in silence, but also leaned TOWARDS THE SPEAKER. (Tame, David The Secret Power of Music, p. 142 - 144)

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Julie said...

Just proves that vegetables have no taste.