Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sex Pistols John Lydon and Rolling Stones Ron Wood Want to Support Britney Spears

In a brilliant piece of publicity seeking SEX PISTOLS JOHN LYDON has come out saying he wants to write a song for troubled star Britney Spears- to help turn her life around

Apparently he can really feel for her and also wants to collaborate on a song with her.

He says, "I haven't written a song for Britney yet but I would love to. I'd like to help out because there's a girl who needs some help. She's been hurt. And hurt is the root core essence of good music."

Ronnie Wood has also offerred to help: he has battled alchoholism and went to rehab in 2006. He also seems to feel for Lindsay Lohan......

“The poor things. I’d love to help them, you’ve got to go through it to get to it. You have to experience all the lows because life is hard,”

They will both be lining up though it seems: Mel Gibson and Justin Timberlake are already part of her emotional support crew, as is Dr Phil.

Images: Courtesy Warner Bros/ Virgin/ Jive

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