Friday, May 23, 2008

Rock Revival's Top Twenty Songs About Dope/ Marijuana/ Weed

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Have to confess to not being a smoker myself, but the weed has produced some excellent music, millions of songs indirectly of course, but quite a few that are direct

1 Sweetleaf, Black Sabbath
2 Legalize by Peter Tosh
3 Rainy Day Woman #12 & 35 Bob Dylan
4 That Smell by Lynyrd Skynard
5 Hits From the Bong Cypress Hill
6 Along Comes Mary" by The Association
7 Champaign Supernova: Oasis
8 Last Dance with Mary Jane Tom Petty
9 Gimme a Reefer, Bessie Smith
10 Champaign and Reefer, Muddy Waters
11 Don't Bogart Me, Fraternity of Man
12 New Riders of the Purple Sage, "Panama Red"
13 Illegal Smile John Prine
14 Kaya Bob Marley
15 Stone Magnet Electric Wizard
16 Sacred Smoke Bongzilla
17 Boston,Smokin
18 Somethin' Stinks and I Want Some George Clinton
19 Weedmonkey Weedeater
20 Makin it Natural Doctor Hook and the Medicine Show

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Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Great list, will you be doing other drug songs soon? I hope so!

The titles of some of these are SO funny.