Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Double Live Wishbone Ash Album "Rocked Up Beyond Belief " June 17 2008

Rocked Up Beyond Belief

Wishbone Ash are one of rock revival's perenial favourites on air, with Blowin' Free being one of my favourite songs of all time and Argus my favourite albums.

I discovered on Amazon that "Rocked Up Beyond belief" will be released June 17, 2008, a double live album from the 1970's and 80's. I have scoured the interent for more info but can't find any, if you know any more let we know. All I know is that the title refers to the track "F.U.B.B." said to mean fucked up beyond belief"....

Disc 1 (Live In The 70s)
Front Page News
The King Will Come
You See Red
Blowin' Free
Errors Of My Way
Time Was
Bad Weather Blues

Disc 2 (Live In The 80s)
Living Proof
In The Skin
No More Lonely Nights
Keeper Of The Light
Why Don't We
Cell Of Fame
Number The Brave

Image: Courtesy Proper

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