Saturday, May 17, 2008

Metallica New Album: Lars Ulrich Reveals Details For September Release

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Apparently Metallic's new album is now getting very close to finishing it's much awaitwd album, due still in September 08

Lars Ulrich: "We sort of promised ourselves that unlike all the records we made in the '90s, [which] were just completely stressed-out and just nutty, that we were gonna try and have a little more sane environment -- and we've actually, surprising mostly to ourselves, been able to keep to that," Ulrich said. "We've pretty much finished the music now, so all the next level stuff is just starting to go down."

They started with 26 songs which have now been culled to 14:

"These are long songs ... we're talking seven-minute, eight-minute, nine-minute nutty-ass songs,we don't make them long or short on purpose; you just kind of do what feels natural. We're not really gonna edit them, (so) we're gonna lose another one at some point in the next month or so and probably end up with 10."

"It's definitely pretty all over the place. There's a lot of variation, a lot of fast, slow, melodic ... kind of hardcore, nutty super-fast speed stuff. It's a little more like how some of the earlier records were a little more dynamic within the songs."

They will be headlining Bonnaroo in June: "by the time we come to Bonnaroo hopefully we'll have some new stuff ready."

Can't wait to hear it !

Image: Courtesy Megaforce

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