Saturday, May 31, 2008

Deep Purple to Reunite with Jon Lord For One-Off Charity Event

I'm not sure that this news will cause the kind of storm created by the Led Zep Reunion but Jon Lord will join the rest of Deep Purple for a cancer charity show Sept 25 in London called the Sunflower

Artists such as Robert Plant, Margot Buchanan, Paul Weller have attended in the past

"I am looking massively forward to playing some of those grand old Purple numbers again"

"I imagine they'll be playing some of the more recent stuff and I'll join for a few of the old favorites. The idea is not that they'll turn up without Don Airey at all. That would be terribly unfair to him after all this time,"

"There's absolutely no animosity between us. Never was. And I really miss them, so I'm very much looking forward to it"

Image: Harvest

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