Monday, May 19, 2008

Brian Wilson New Release: That Lucky Old Sun September 2 2008

Brian Wilson has returned to Capitol Records for the release of his next album, "That Lucky Old Sun" due out on September 2, 2008

The theme of the album is Brian's young days in Southern California, a music a narrative piece that was premiered lin 2007 at London's Royal Festival Hall.

Wilson's last release was "Gettin' in Over My Head" in 2004, the year that also heralded the long-awaited release of "Smile," first slated for the mid-1960's

Track Listing

"That Lucky Old Sun""Morning Beat""That Lucky Old Sun" (narrative)"Good Kind of Love""Forever My Surfer Girl""That Lucky Old Sun" (narrative)"Live Let Live""Mexican Girl""That Lucky Old Sun" (narrative)"California Role""That Lucky Old Sun" (narrative) "Oxygen""Can't Wait Too Long" (vocal excerpt)"Midnight's Another Day""Going Home""Southern California"

Image: Courtesy Capitol

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