Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Will Cog's Album "Sharing Space" Reach Number One on the Australian Charts

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Cog are an indie style prog rock band from Australia from excellent Aussie pedigree. One member, Lucius Borich the drummer, is the son of the greatest ever Aussie blues guitarist, Kevin Borich. Their new album, 'Sharing Space' was released this month and is currently number 2 in the charts. Not bad when your usually competing against Australian Idol.

Cog receives minimal airplay on mainstream radio but has built up an audiences through Triple J, the premier alternative youth sation in the country. .

Continous touring has also helped:

"We've always toured really hard and played a lot of shows in as many places as we can," Flynn Gower has said, the groups guitarist

"I think that's built the foundations for what's happened, for where we're at now, our fans have been really loyal and good to us in the past and it's a nice feeling."

Lucius Borich recently make an appearance on Triple H 100.1, on the themed show The Common Thread. Noddy, the interviewer was speaking to his father, Kevin by telephone and Lucius happened to be round at his parents house for dinner. Seems like fame doesn't mean he has lost touch wiyh real life and speaking to the humble Triple H 100.1

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