Sunday, April 13, 2008

Steve Winwood's New Release "Nine Lives" Due April 29 2008

Steve Winwood

Steve Winwood is one of the true legends of rock, from the Spender Davis Group, to Traffic and Blind Faith, (despite his Arc of the Diver phase) he's definitely one of the favourites here on Rock Revival.

Here's a bit of trivia for you by the way: did you know he played on the following tracks/albums:

Jimi Hendrix ("Electric Ladyland"), Joe Cocker ("With A Little Help From My Friends"), Leon Russell ("Leon Russell"), Lou Reed ("Berlin"), George Harrison ("Dark Horse," "George Harrison"), Toots & the Maytals ("Reggae Got Soul"), Marianne Faithfull ("Dangerous Acquaintances"), David Gilmour ("About Face"), Tina Turner ("Break Every Rule"), Billy Joel ("The Bridge"), James Brown ("Gravity"), Rosanne Cash ("King's Record Shop"), Jimmy Buffett ("Hot Water"), Phil Collins ("But Seriously"), Etta James ("Right Time"), Paul Weller ("Stanley Road"), and Christina Aguilera ("Back To Basics"), among many others.

Well, Steve certainly hasn't slowed down with age: ,he joined Eric Clapton at 2007's Chicago Crossroads Guitar Festival and played with him again at Madison Square Garden this Febuary. Steve is also set to join Tom Petty this Summer for his US Tour.

His first album since 2003,"Nine Lives," is due for release on Tuesday, April 29.

Tracks: "I'm Not Drowning," "Fly," "Raging Sea," "Dirty City,"(with Eric) "We're All Looking," "Hungry Man," "Secrets," "At Times We Do Forget," and "Other Shore."

Image: Courtesy Columbia

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Joe said...

With his phenomenal body of work, I think we've gotta forgive him for the Arc of a Diver phase...we've all got our skeletons that we'd rather forget. Who (the question not the band) didn't wear leisure suits in the 70s?

Looking forward to seeing him again with Petty July 5th at Summerfest in Milwaukee! Also sounds like there might be a tour with Clapton later in the year. Yippee!