Friday, April 4, 2008

Neil Young New Release 'Toast' Due Out Soon

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Neil Young has been teasing fans for a while about the release of an 'Archives Box-Set' consisting of unreleased material, suggesting in January that it would be out this year.

At the same time he has announced the soon-coming release of 'Toast', "the first in a special edition", "a new series of unreleased albums."

Is this the beginning of the 'Archives' or diferent material ? Who can tell ?

Toast is the result of a 2000 San Francisco session with Crazy Horse

From his website:

"Many songs share a bluesy, jazz-tinged vibe as a common thread,"

"Three solid rockers are interspersed in the mix. Other songs are long with extensive explorations between verses, a Crazy Horse trademark, kind of like a down-played 'Tonight's the Night,' except these songs deal directly with love and loss, not drugs."

Image: Courtesy Reprise

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