Monday, April 14, 2008

The Melvins New Release 'Nude in Boots" Due July 8

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The Melvins are a highly influential American experimental sludge metal/grunge band (my favourite track is 'Revolve"), named after a supervisor at a Washington supermarket, where singer/guitarist, Buzz Osborne once worked

The Melvins' sludge sound is heavily influenced by Black Sabbath, with hardcore punk thrown in courtesy of Black Flag.

They are, in turn known as a seminal influence on Grunge, particularly Nirvana.

They have also influenced a host of other great bands, like Mastodon and Tool.

The Melvins next album, Nude with Boots s due July 8

1. The Kicking Machine
2. Billy Fish
3. Dog Island
4. Dies Iraea
5. Suicide In Progress
6. The Smiling Cobra
7. Nude With Boots
8. Flush
9. The Stupid Creep
10. The Savage Hippy
11. It Tastes Better Than The Truth

Image: Courtesy Atlantic

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