Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Deep Purple 'The Halcyon Years' and 'Around the World' DVD Sets Due For Release May 19, 2008

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Two new Deep Purple DVD sets will be released may 19, 2008

Press Release info is below

Deep Purple - 'The Halcyon Years' (2 DVD + Book)

"This is the powerful, hard-hitting review of the music of Deep Purple on stage, on record and on film during the halcyon years from 1967 through to the ignominious end of the Mark IV line up. Covering the ascent to superstardom, this film documents the band from their acclaimed debut album 'Shades of Deep Purple' through to the mighty 'Machine Head'. In the company of bassist Nick Simper with bassist Glenn Hughes on hand plus leading critics and industry experts, this film follows the band from 'Who Do We Think We Are' to the resurgent 'Come Taste The Band'; the subsequent death of the ephemeral Tommy Bolin and eventual disbandment of DP Mark IV"

Deep Purple - 'Around The World' (4 DVD)

"This stunning set features three full Deep Purple concerts, highlights of a fourth, interviews with the band members and a new documentary telling the full Deep Purple story from their beginnings up to the present day with an emphasis on the Steve Morse era. The four full length DVDs are packaged within a hardback cover that also contains a 32 page specially commissioned book written by Joel McIver of Classic Rock magazine and illustrated with photographs from the era covered by the concerts. The discs cover concerts in India, South Korea, Australia and the UK across a seven year period. Packed with rare and previously unseen material this is the ultimate Deep Purple collection" Click on 'pre-order' to check the contents.

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