Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Black Sabbath New release: The Donato Days Anthology


From 1984-85, in between Deep Purple vocalists Ian Gillan and Glenn Hughes the Ozzy role was taken by none other than ex-male model Dave 'Donut' Donato.

Fluff have voted him the most obscure Sabbath vocalist of all time: there have been in total

Given the massive success of the Dio years album classicrockrevisited.com have reported that Sabbath will now release a new compilation called the Donato Days on NEMS records

1. War Pigs (first take, 1 min 23 secs),
2. War Pigs (second take, 1 min 6 secs),
3. Tony Iommi Tunes Up (56 mins 42 secs),
4. War Pigs (third take, 2 mins 11 secs),
5. Sound Of Someone Dismantling Bill Ward's Drumkit (10 mins 19 secs),
6. Sound Of Someone Putting Bill Ward's Drumkit Back Together (12 mins 54 secs),
7. War Pigs (fourth take, 1 min 34 secs),
8. War Pigs (fifth take, 2 mins 13 secs),
9. War Pigs (sixth take, 3 mins 37 secs),
10. Sound Of Geezer Butler Eating A Sandwich (2 mins 38 secs),
11. War Pigs (seventh take, 3 mins 18 secs),
12. War Pigs (eighth take, 1 min 9 secs),
13. War Pigs (ninth take, 3 secs),
14. Sound Of Someone Banging Their Head Repeatedly Against A Brick Wall (57 secs).

Source: Classicrockrevisited.com

Image: Rhino

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