Saturday, March 8, 2008

Who Loves Tri Yann ? France's Answer to Steeleye Span: Obscure, Yes ! Brilliant, Definitely !

This is probably the most obscure post ever for US and Aussie readers, but not for the UK or French.

All three founding members of Tri Yann are frenchmen called Jean: Jean Chocun, Jean-Paul Corbineau and Jean-Louis Jossic and specialise in playing rock-infused Breton-Celtic Music.

Among their best-known tracks are La jument de Michao and Les prisons de Nantes.

Illusions with Dan Ar Braz and Alan Stivell is PHENOMENAL: one of my favorite songs EVER: if your even a bit open minded you wont regret it

They are the French contingent of the electric folk explosion of the late 60's and early 1970's, mostly focussed in the UK and spearheaded by Steeleye Span, Bert and John, Pentangle and Fairport Convention.

This style may have been highly traditional in nature, but it was also influenced by the hippy-folk culture and Nick Drake and so retained a modern and more acccessible feel.

There was also some crossover between electric folk and progressive rock; Jethro Tull are the most marked example (think The Whistler, Jack in the Green, Weathercock, Velvet Green)

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