Monday, March 31, 2008

Trouble in Paradise ? Is Velvet Revolver Splitting Up ?

Scott Wieland, front man of Velvet Revolver had a brain explosion on stage in Glasgow March 20, announcing that the band was splitting up

"you are watching something special... the last tour by Velvet Revolver"
The only problem was, he had'nt told the other members of the band !

"Slash, Duff McKagan, Matt Sorum and Dave Kushner all looked at each other. They sang Fall To Pieces, and then Scott goes over to the side of the stage and argues with the sound guy," "After a couple of songs, he threw his microphone down and walked off. "
(Eyewitness/MTV news)

Matt Sorum then blogged the following:

"We had a little band turmoil on stage, as you probably all could tell. Being in a band is a lot like being in a relationship. Sometimes, you just don't get along. I guess there has been more turmoil lately, with the cancellations and all. It has been frustrating; I am not going to lie. My career and life in rock and roll has come with its ups and downs. Unfortunately, some people in this business don't realize how great of a life they have. Touring the world, meeting great people, and fans all over the world - and just playing music for a living. I feel truly blessed. But sometimes the road can be draining for some.

"Being away from home and family does grind on you sometimes,personally, I love this shit and sometimes can't believe I am so lucky to still be doing what I do for a living. Everybody could see who was unhappy, but all I can say is let's keep the rock alive, people. In this life, you just pick up and keep moving. And don't ever let anybody stand in your way."
Scott then tells

"The state of my family affairs is really none of Sorum's business, since he is too immature to have a real relationship, let alone children. So don't attempt to stand in a man's shoes when you haven't walked his path.
Funny though - this is your first band, as opposed to being a hired gun. I've been making records (now, on my ninth), which have sold over 35 million copies worldwide and have maintained a level of professionalism regardless of how many drugs I've ingested into my system. I have only cancelled one tour during the entire course of my 16-year run and that was the 'make-up' Australia tour. Now, shall I open that can of worms, Matthew? Release the Kraken? Serve ... volley! You cancelled the Aussie tour in the fall because you went to rehab, but I won't say why.

oh dear !
Source: Kerrang !
Image: Courtesy RCA

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