Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rock Revival's Top Twenty Funny Cover Band Names

Following on from our two popular posts on Led Zeppelin tribute bands (one even emailed me, a Dutch one) here are the silliest cover band names in the world, all real, all comitted to following their idols....

Slack Sabbath
No Way Sis
Red Hot Chili Beans (the originals name is pretty bad)
Shitty Mondays
Pun Jovi
Non Jovi
Beatallica (Beatles songs sung in Metallica style)
Metal Licker (get it)
No (Yes Tribute)
Duran Duran Duran
Mini Kiss (all vertically challenged)
Gabba (Abba songs in Ramones style)
Mandonna (all-male band)
The Remainz (actually has 2 Ramones members in it !)
Nickelback (funny because they started as a cover band and proceeded to be the worst band in the world)
Bjorn Again

Image: gabba.co.uk

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