Saturday, March 8, 2008

Pentangle - Sweet Child 40th Anniversary Concert 29 June 2008 London

'The Folk Beatles...The greatest and most adventurous acoustic "supergroup" of their time' (Word).

'Pentangle was electrifying, particularly at a time of unprecedented free thinking in music. Together they created an intoxicating instrumental force' (Jazzwise).

Just two reviews of highly influential folk/jazz supergroup Pentangle, formed in 1967

On 29 June 2008 it will be precisely 40 Years since Pentangle recorded their critical double live album, Sweet Child at London's Festival Hall, a heady mix of folk, jazz, early music and blues ( In 2001, a digitally remastered version was released Castle CMDDD132)

Bert Jansch, John Renbourn, Jacqui McShee, Danny Thompson and Terry Cox, will reunite and return to the Royal Festival Hall to celebrate and replay songs from this classic concert

Image: Courtesy Transatlantic

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