Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Elton : Rock Revival's Top 20 Elton John Playlist

The much maligned Elton John is enjoying his 61st birthday today and to celebrate we have produced a list of his top twenty tracks, to prove, that while he has'nt come out with much of any use since he was 35 (Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboys 1975 was proabably his peak) he was brilliant as a young man

1. Can I Put You On

Great track off the 1971 Soundtrack, Friends

2. Levon

Excellent along with number 3,5 and 11off Madman Accross the Water, his fifth album

3. Talking Old Soldiers

Sampled for Ghetto Gospel by 2pac to great effect

4. Honky Tonk Women

One of the best Stones covers of all time off 17.11.70 a live studio recording where Elton's fingers
famously bled from rocking so hard

5. Tiny Dancer

One time Elton protoge Ryan Adams does a great version too, as does Tim McGraw who i usually hate

6. Sixty years On

Elton in serious young man mode of the 2nd 'black album'

7. Burn Down The Mission

As per number 8 and 13 off Tumbleweed Connection, one of the great concept albums of all time that isnt prog

8. Where to Now St Peter

Covered pretty well by Ann Wilson on last years Hope and Glory

9. Ballad of Danny Bailey

From Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, a masterpiece of an album (see 16 also)

10. Boogie Pilgrim

1976 produced the double album Blue Moves, sketchy with some brilliant tracks like this one

11.Indian Sunset

12. Mellow

From Honky Chateau, abit too much pop, overproduced, but this songs is great

13. Country Comfort

14. The Bitch is Back

From 1976's caribou, dangerously close to selling out, but this track captures him at his camp best

15. Tower of Babel

The highlight of 75's Captain Fantanstic

16. All the Young Girls Love Alice

17. Skyline Pigeon

From Empty Sky, his debut in 1969

18. Porch Swing in Tupelo

A bit of a long awaited return to form with Peachtree Road (2004)

19. I Feel Like a Bullet (In the Gun of Robert Ford)

From 1975's Rock of the Westies

20. Shine on Through

From 1978 A Single man, definitely in sell-out mode with this album but this track stands out
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