Thursday, March 6, 2008

Get Ready for St Patrick's Day March 15: Rock Revival's Top 20 Best Irish Songs

Well St Patrick's Day is coming up on March 15 and it's time to celebrate music from Ireland, one of the most productive and unique sources of rock music through the years.

There is so much great music to choose from, here is Rock Revival's Top 20 Tracks

1. Celtic Ray: Van Morrison and the Chieftans

Van playes celtic-mystic with one of the greatest traditional Irish Bands ever.

2. I Wonder Who: Rory Gallagher

Live in Europe and the Irish Tour albums demonstrate that he is better than Eric, more passionate than U2 and a harder drinker than Shane McGowan (well... maybe not)

3. Throw Your Arms Around Me: Luka Bloom

This acoustic version of a Hunters and Collectors song (Aussie band) ........ magic

4. Waiting for an Alibi: Thin Lizzy

What can you say, the best bass riff ever................Phil Lynott is God

5. Ordinary Man: Christy Moore

Brother of Luka Bloom, politics and folk by the Irsh master

6. Beautiful Day: U2

Bono Vox is a tosse (but the music........)

7. Nobody's Hero: Stiff Little Fingers

Some of the best second wave punk around

8. You've Got My Number: The Undertones

The first pop-punk band, craps on the US version !

9. Elfin Knight: Kate Rusby

Contemporary traditional, excellent

10. Still Got the Blues: Gary Moore

Friend and colleague of Phil Lynott

11. Everybody Hurts: The Coors

The Coors are rubish but this version of the REM track is pretty mindblowing

12. Dirty Old Town: The Pogues

Shane drinks for the nation

13. Your Daughters and Your Sons: The Duhks

More great contemporary Irish folk

14. I Dont Like Mondays: Boomtown Rats

Probably their only good song, but something else

15. Zombie: The Cranberries

16. Don't Go: The Hothouse Flowers

They do the amazing feat of sounding like Heartland USA, when they are actually from Dublin

17. The Wind That Shakes the Barley: Planxty

Wow, who needs rock, actually, when you have the rots of rock in the hillbilly Irish

18. The Hunter: Clannad

Well, this is bending the definition of rock a bit, but it's pretty heady stuff

19. Blister on the Moon: Taste

Rory Gallagher's band before he went solo, blues heaven

20. Redemption Song: Ziggy Marely and the Chieftans

What the ? Jamaica and Ireland are not that far apart

Image: Courtesy Shock Records

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