Sunday, March 30, 2008

Country Joe McDonald's Live Woody Guthrie Tribute Album Release April 2008

Everyone who remembers Woodstock (or has heard the album) remembers the 'gimme an f.....' section by Country Joe McDonald followed by “I Feel Like I’m Fixin’ To Die Rag”

He's still going strong and as politically active as ever (here's a version of 'fixin') from his website

Well come on all you new young men
Uncle Sam's in a mess again
Got himself in a terrible jam
With a crazy Muslim named Saddam
So put down your bibles pick up your guns
We're gonna have a whole lot of FUN

Joe is currently touring a 'Tribute to Woody Guthrie' show in the US playing “This Land Is Your Land,” “Union Maid,” “Roll on Columbia' and many lesser known songs.....

“Woody Guthrie was kind of like James Joyce. The guy couldn’t stop writing, he couldn’t stop drawing and he couldn’t stop singing. When he and (pal and fellow folk singer) Cisco Houston got off the Merchant Marine for two days in New York City, they went into Moe Asch’s studio and recorded 135 songs in two days. Every kind of song you could think of. The guy was a machine.”

The live, two-disc CD of the show will be released on the Rag Baby label (

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