Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Rock Revival's Top 20 Lesser Known Rock Songs of All Time (at the moment II)

Here's a great list if your fed up of Stairway, Smoke on the Water, Freebird, Paranoid, etc. Some of the best rock music ever made..... add your own

1. Long Grey Mare: Peter Green

2. I'm a Man: Chicago Transit Authority

3. Black Cloud: Trapeze

4. Darkness Earth in Search of a Home: Jeff Beck

5. Fire and Rain: Blood, Sweat and Tears

6. Down by the River: Buddy Miles

7. Vengeance: New Model Army

8. Whiskey Headed Woman: Tommy Bolin

9. Paradigm Shift: Liquid Tension Experiment

10. In the Kitchen: Umphries McGee

11. Black Cat: Brian Auger

12. Words From the Wise: Gentle Giant

13. Gibberish: Spock's Beard

14. Life is Just a Passing Parade: Santana

15. Elegy: Colloseum

16. Angel: Eric Bibb

17. Elbow Grease: Niacin

18. Chewier: Ozric Tentacles

19. Must be Love: James Gang

20. How to Make Gravy: Paul Kelly (very well known down-under)

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