Monday, February 11, 2008

Rock Revival's Time Capsule: The Beatles in America

Forty four year ago today the Beatles created mayhem playing their first ever concert in the United States. One Policemen was present for every 20 punters, with some sticking bullets in their ears to block out the creaming girls !

Three thousand fans had met them at JFK on their arrival to the States; they then went on the famous Ed Sullivan show for more screaming while the press claimed that their popularity wouldn’t stick.

This appearance was the highest rating TV show of all time, 45 percent of the country watched the show, 73 million people. Crime rates also dropped markedly in the US while it was playing.

The Beatles certainly didn’t expect this kind of greeting, from the home of their idols Buddy Holly and Elvis.

“The thing is, in America, it just seemed ridiculous -- I mean, the idea of having a hit record over there, it was just something you could never do." (John Lennon)

" 'They've got everything over there, what do they want us for?' (George Harrison)

After them came the British Invasion: The Stones, The Animals, the Kinks, the Dave Clarke Five

This week 44 years ago was a day that changed the history of rock !

Image: Courtesy Digger Digger Dogstsar (we love you !)

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