Saturday, February 2, 2008

Rock Revival's Time Capsule: The 1950's-Thank God for the Devil's Music

In Rockabilly 101 we had a look at how revolutionary rock and roll was in the 1950's.

Here is some pretty amazing venom from conseravtive America at the time:

"Maybe you don't care when an ex-teenager like me tells you rock and roll music sounds like 2 firemen breaking down a door. That's your privelege. Just don't try and tell us grown folks, complete with the right to vote, that it's important and history-making"

William Leonard: Chicago Tribune (1957)

"Beginning tomorrow, station KWK will play each such record (rock and roll) in it's library one by one: then break it with a sharp snap clearly audible to the listeners. The supply is expected to be exhausted in a week"
KWK DJ : New York Times (1958)

"The French have a word, abrutissant, for anything that brutalises man and turns him into a beast. That's the word for this terrible convulsive sound. It's against art, it's against life. Today you have 500,000 splashy-coloured juke-boxes wherever you look, and what are they ? They're coin-catching meat-grinders which butcher melody and hack out sick rhythmns and rancid lyrics."

Pablo Casals: LA Times (1958)

I wonder what they would say if they heard Death Metal ?

Source: Dettmar, K. (2006)

Image: Courtesy Artists First
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