Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rock Revival's Ten Worst Critically Acclaimed Albums of All Time (or Albums Cool People Say They Like)

1. Anything by John Lennon

Now this is a matter of taste, I know, but he just did’nt work well without Paul, soft drivel, Imagine, or maybe it’s just me

2. Love: Forever Changes

Maybe there’s really something wrong with me, can someone please explain why it gets so much credit

3. Trout Mask Replica: Captain Beefheart

Unadulterated rubbish (too strong?)

4. Marquee Moon: Television

Significant historically but makes for pretty dire listening now

5. Kick out the James: MC5

Just because they were the first to say mother....r on stage doesnt mean they were that good

6. Is this it: The Strokes

Quite like it, but that’s different from saying it changed the history of rock

7. At Bukokan, Cheap Trick

Love Cheap Trick, but why this one?

8. Hysteria: Def Leppard

See post on Glam Metal 101: Cock-Rock for the Musically Challenged

9. Alive: KISS

OK if your ten, but definitely a gimmick gone wrong

10. The Wall: Pink Floyd

This will be the comment that destroys Rock Revival, definitely a matter of taste, Animals kills it for subtlety

Image: Geffen/Capitol


Nazz Nomad said...

I don't know if you could put critically acclaimed status on the Kiss or Floyd rekkids...
Kiss was/is universally loathed by most critics and the Floyd was lambasted when it came out as a bloated, self indulgent mess.

And Lennon soft? You should have just laid that status on Double Fantasy, most of his early stuff post Beatles was proto punk.

Jeff said...

While I disagree with what you said about Lennon, I COMPLETELY agree with The Wall being up there! I'm a huge Floyd fan, and strongly believe that after WYWH there was a huge drop off in the quality of music. I still think that Animals is a great album but nothing like the quality of those preceding it. The Wall I feel is one of the most overrated albums of all time, maybe because I over analyze Floyd but I feel like there is so much to choose from in their collection other than The Wall. Albums which get practically no recognition like Atom Heart Mother, Obscured by Clouds, and Meddle are all superior in my opinion.

I don't quite understand why people put it on such a high pedestal, maybe because the music is a little more approachable than previous efforts? Or because of the bombastic concerts and rock opera theme? I don't know, but I certainly believe it is overrated.