Saturday, February 16, 2008

Rock Revival's Ten Most Influential Rock Songs of All Time

Now this is a reall challenge. If you look back over the 50 year history of songs there have been so many critical moments, albums and tracks that have served as milestones or turning points.

How to try and isolate the Ten most significant songs ?

1. Robert Johnson: Crossroads

Recorded only 29 songs but the central myth of rock, selling his soul to the devil as a warning to fans through the ages !

2. Elvis: Heartbreak Hotel

The first teenage-craze star

3. Chuck Berry: Johnny B Goode

The birth of the electric guitar at the front not the back of the rock and roll sound.

4. The Byrds: Eight Miles High

The first psychedelic masterpiece: raga rock for the masses !

5. The Beatles: Day in The Life

Consistently voted as the best off Sgt Peppers which is consistently voted as the best album

6. The Who

My Generation

The first punk song ? No Who no Clash !

7. Jimi Hendrix: Purple Haze

Blues and psychedelia set on fire, taking Chuck Berry's legacy into the stratosphere

8. The Ramones: Sheena is a Punk Rocker

Maybe not the first punk band, but they keep the myth of punk alive to this day.

9. Black Sabbath: Sweet Leaf

The only song to spawn two genres; Stoner Rock and Grunge, sludge metal at it's finest

10. Kraftwerk: Autobahn

At the height of punk they invented Techno, maybe you don't think this is a good thing but they are a force for rock to reckon with !

Disagree ? Let me know.

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