Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Indie Rock and Roll: Rock Revival's Top Twenty Tracks

Just so Rock Revival is not accussed of being "Boomer Triumphalists" or " Rock Curmudgeon's" we are going to demonstrate that we have actually listened to music made after 1975. From post-punk to post-rock,
shoegazing to Brit-pop, there has actually been some pretty astounding music made since the sketchy decade of the 80's, in what is known as the indie field.

Rock Revival is not quite as enthusuastic as the NME: that would involve thinking that every group of four kids with Northern accents were as good as the Beatles, or that the Arctic Monkeys are as important as the Kinks.

Here is our list of twenty incredible songs that have come out of the UK in the past 10 years or so:

1. The Verve : Bittersweet Symphony

Coolest video ever, written by Jagger and Richards

2. Starsailor: Alchoholic

Acoustic, better than the souped up Four on the Floor

3. Jack Panate: Torn on the Platform

In love with London

4. The Futureheads: Decent Days and Decent Nights

Brilliant hacking guitars

5. Athlete: Vehicles and Animals

Everything Athlete does is exquisite

6. Richard Ashcroft: A Song For the Lovers

Lead singer of the Verve, with a taste of Gram Parsons

7. Handbags and Gladrags: Stereophonics

Homage to Rod Stewart, with a voice to match

8. Bloc Party: Helicopter

Brilliant, actually heard this one in a shopping mall in hicksville, USA

9. Elbow: New Born

10. Ian Brown: Forever and a day

Great guitar solos

11. Blur: Parklife

Quintissentally English

12. Jane She Got Excavated: Ocean Color Scene

13. Kaiser Chiefs: I Predict a Riot

Needs to be on every list

14. Oasis: Champagne Supernova
Wonderwall is like Stairway to Heaven, great, never to be played again

15. The La's" There She Goes

Sing-a-long heaven

16. Pulp: Disco 2000

17. Travis: Driftwood

18. Pulp: Common People

19. Nizlopi: The JCB Song

I am afraid I tear up every time I hear this one

20. The Streets: Dry Your Eyes

Not really indie rock and roll, but Mike Skinner is one of the best around
Image: Courtesy Virgin

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