Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How many cover versions of Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin do you know ?

“The Hammer of the Gods will drive our ships to new lands”

Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song is probably their best known after Stairway to Heaven and is one of their few single releases reaching 16 on the Billboard Chart in 1970.

It was written during their tour of Iceland in the same year, taking the perspective of Vikings as they go in quest of new lands to conquer.

It has inspired many, including Viking themed songs by Iron Maden and Manowar(Guinness Book of Record’s Loudest band)

Here are some of the many covers of the song;
1. Ann Wilson (Heart): dare I say close to as good as the original
2. Dread Zeppelin: Elvis impersonator goes reggae
3. Nirvana (live, see With the Lights Out box set)
4. Sebastian Bach on Bach to Basics
5. Transiberian Orchestra (first verse only, live not recorded)
6. Demons and Wizards (power metal version)
7. Dark Angel (death metal)
8. Infestous Grooves (funk/metal version)
9. Coalesce (Metalcore whatever that is ?)
10. Streetlab (dance remix)
11. DJ Trip (mash-up with Public Enemy Bring the Noise

Do you know more………

Image: Courtesy Atlantic


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