Thursday, February 7, 2008

Crucial British Band The Jam Play Sydney March 14 2008

The Jam were a punk/mod revival band, critical to the British music scene in the 70’s and early 90’s, drawing on beat, ska, rythmn and blues and new wave, they blitzed the charts with Eton Rifles, Town Called Malice and Down the Tube Station at Midnight.

While Paul Weller, one of the coolest men in British music, has gone on to a succesful and critically acclaimed solo career, Bruce Foxton and Rick Butler have reformed The Jam, calling it ‘From the Jam’, with an overwhelming response from fans. They performed a 25th anniversary concert of their last ever show with Paul at the Brighton Centre last December 21.

An album is planned for this year, but for the time being catch them live at The Forum Sydney, March 24 to remember the days of your youth.


Image: Courtesy Polydor

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