Friday, January 18, 2008

Who Loves Ozric Tentacles ?

Ozric Tentacles have recorded an unbelievable 25 albums in the past 25 years but are relatively unheard of, despite their groundbreaking Psychedelic music. They hail from Somerset, England, and have sold a million or so albums, by hook and by crook, but have never had music industry support.

The amazing thing about Ozric Tentacles is that they bridge the gap, a long one, between 60's psychadelia and the psychadelic techno/rave scene, yes thats right, eastern themes, unusual time signatures, guitars, flutes, esoteric song titles (eg: Chewier, Clockdrops, Spirals in Hyperspace) PLUS the thumping baselines loved by people who are too young to know who the Move, Vanilla Fudge or the Blue Magoos are.......

I completely love it when bands come along that bridge these gaps: think Prodigy (Firestarter) bridging UK Punk and Techno, DJ Dangermouse's illegal grey album (he mixed Jay-Z's Black Album with The Beatles White Album, with all beats taken taken from the Beatles), the great Mash-Up of Jay-z and Voodoo Chile by Hendrix.

Their last album was The Floor's To Far Away (2006). Take a risk, try something new !
Image: Courtesy Magna Carta

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Anonymous said...

Q:"Who loves Ozric Tentacles?"

You should listen their older albumns. They're the best ones.