Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Undertones, Fathers of Pop-Punk Release New Album

In 1975, the Undertones, inspired by the Buzzcocks, the Ramones and the Sex Pistols, formed in Northern Ireland. Blend this with the Kinks and other British Invasion Bands, add some glam and Feargal Sharkey's trademark quavery vocal and you had the first punk pop band (without all the fake yank stuff 25 years later). 'Teenage kicks', 'Jimmy Jimmy' and 'Here comes the Summer' are quintissentially British. Brilliant short grabs at suburban teenage life aka Sham 69 and Mike Skinner and the Streets.

They have (incredibly) just released a new album: 14 songs in 33 minutes, everything garage rock should be. The only dissapointment is that Paul McLoone has replaced Feargal Sharkey, a voice that was part of the soundtrack of your life if you were under twnety in the 80's in the UK. He has now risen up the ranks of the music industry in the UK and so was unavailable. If you havent heard of the Undertones it's probably best to get their first album 'The Undertones' or second, 'Hypnotised', if you have this is an album worth getting to complete your collection.

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