Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rock Revival's Rock Website of the Decade Goes To: Piero Scarrufi's scaruffi.com

Well, we bloggers put alot of hard work into our blog's but who are our mentors, who does the best rock website in the world ever (given there were'nt many before ten years ago). The answer for me in scaruffi.com, developed by Piero Scaruffi, one time cognitive scientist, visiting academic at MIT and Stanford, most famous as a rock historian. The sheer scope of his site really does beggar belief; it covers the history of art, jazz, poetry, literature, politics but most formidably the History of Rock ! He has also written a book The History of Rock (2003).

The sheer scope and focus of this history is beyond belief, not just because of his encyclopeidic knowledge, but rather despite it, he has written a history like no other. He pulls no punches in what he sees as good and bad, is beholden to noone, has explored every nook and cranny of the last 50 years and comes up with a history that few of us may know about. A history that has NOTHING to do with the charts and everything to do with the absolute grass roots of rock and with rock in all nations, not just the god old US of A.

Consider this, here are his top ten albums of all time

Captain Beefheart:
Trout Mask Replica
Straight, 1969
Reprise, 1990

Robert Wyatt: Rock Bottom
Virgin, 1974
Thirsty Ear, 1998

Faust: Faust I
Virgin, 1971
Polygram, 2001

Velvet Underground:
& Nico
Verve, 1967
Polygram, 1996

Doors: The Doors
Elektra, 1967
idem, 1988

Popol Vuh: Hosianna Mantra
Pilz, 1973
High Tide, 1994

Pere Ubu:
Modern Dance Blank, 1978
Geffen, 1998

Royal Trux: Twin Infinitives
Drag City, 1990
idem, 1994

John Fahey: Fare Forward Voyagers
Takoma, 1973
Shanachie, 1992

Nico: Desert Shore
Different, yes, controversial, yes, hate Captain Beefheart, YES !!!, interesting, absolutely!!

If you are closed minded and think the history of rock that you know is the truth, forget it. If you are interested in what might be left after you take away the influence of record company hype and marketing, this is the site for you. Keep your own personal critical faculties about you and you'll get your PhD. in Rock.

Highly reccommended..................................
Image: Courtesy Reprise Straight


arquimede said...

As an italian I can't be proud enough reading a post like this :DD
He is a very sharp pen (I read him in his native language) and a well of knowledge, a hero for the italian music related writers.

his name is Piero Scaruffi, you have mispelled a little.

paul said...

arquimede, thanks for the comment, how much do you know about the history of Italian Rock, I know that you have a proud hustory of progressive rock but not much else, I would love someone to do a post for me on this, any chance ?

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