Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oh God ! More Led Zeppelin Tribute Bands

You have to believe me, these are all Led Zeppelin Tribute Bands plying their wares on the net;
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G (were they THAT good !)

Led by Zeppelin

Led Zepplica

Rusty Led

Whole Lotta Led


Led Zepagain

Stairway to Zeppelin

Led Zep Too


Hammer of the Godz

The Led

Stairway Denied

Book No Quarter

Custard Pies (what ?)

Led Ashtray

Rubber Plants (got to be the best name)

Bled Zeppelin

Wings of Thor

there heaps more............................
Image: Courtesy Atlantic


AJ said...

and let's not forget the best of them all... SWAN SONG in DALLAS TEXAS!! www.myspace.com/swansongtributeband

Olli said...

Ha ha that's quite funny, you mis-spelt Led Astray. Led Ashtray.

Rubber Plants are not going any more.
There are actually considerably more than you have listed, including Lez Zeppelin, and Moby Chick (all girl versions) and there are new ones seemingly every week.
Were they that popular, hell yes!
Besides these are spread out around the world so its not like you will see more than a couple in your neighbourhood.
Biggest concentration is here in England where Led Zep Too, Lets Zep, Stairway to Zeppelin, and Led By Zeppelin are all respectable outfits competing for the same circuit, plus Whole Lotta Led, who are rubbish, but have been going for a long time so they have all the biggest and best venues sewn up.