Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lez Zeppelin, Fred Zeppelin, Dread Zeppelin: Your Guide to Led Zep's Strangest Cover Bands

Led Zep are arguably the most popular hard rock band in the world right now but what about all the wierd and wonderful cover bands they have spawned: what's going to happen to them now that their mentors are probably actually going to tour, do a new album, do a Pepsi ad and go on "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here"

What about Dread Zeppelin, US band who do all their covers in reggae with Tortelvis, Elvis impersanotor extraordinaire as lead singer and ED Zeppelin, Drummer. Check out their 1995 album, No Quarter Pounder or 2001 Double LIve The Song Remains Insane

What about Lez Zeppelin, New York based all female outfit, recently releasing their first album, produced by Eddy Kramer, who actually produced real Led Zep albums. Or Fred Zeppelin, from the UK: Robert Plant has been to see them on numerous occasions and Jason Bonham has actually played with them.

Get Your Led Out ? No chance of them teaming up with Lez Zeppelin ? They are the US band who try and re-create Led Zep as perfect as possible and so should be known as the most boring of this crowd.

All of these special people may now be looking for work soon ! What about forming a new band: Puns and Roses, Lez Deppard, Sad Company ?

Image: Courtesy IRS

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Musicgoat said...

If I remember right - to make things even more strange - didn't Dread Zeppelin have an Elvis impersonator as a frontman?

Anyway, I love this post and wish I would have thought of it.

You should check out a podcast I just did on my site It features Lez Zeppelin doing "The Ocean" and Anne Wilson of Heart doing "Immigrant Song."

Keep'em coming.