Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Kid Rock on Tour with an Allman Brother, Peter Wolf and Run DMC

Kid Rock may have been a laughing stock amongst serious music lovers but he has proved some wrong (including me) with his album Rock and Roll Jesus released last October.

It has been his first number one album in the US but also recieved critical acclaim. It recieved a 4/5 star raing from Rolling Stone, hard to achieve, scored 63 on metacritic and Billboard have said that "the devil" should be given his due.

Personally I think the whole album is worth buying just for one song, 'All Summer Long', taking the rap ethos of sampling Werewolves of LOndon and Sweet Home Alabama but making a brilliant southern rock song that can stand up proudly with the originals.

Kid Rock is now about to embark on an old style rock and roll revue, departing January 25 for a US tour with Dicky Bet (Allman Brothers), Peter Wolf (J Geils Band) and Reverend Run (Run DMC, the originators of rap/rock fusion).

"We want to give people the greatest night of their life -- the best party, the best music, the best show. And this show does all that and more." (Marketwire)

If you come to OZ Kid, we'll be there.

Image: Courtesy Atlantic Records

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