Thursday, January 24, 2008

Eric Burdon and War Reissues

When Eric Burdon and the Animals broke up in 1969 Eric was 'tired of the rock thing' and turned to the Californian Jam Band War. The band was so sheltered when Eric first met them that they had never heard of the Animals. The music that emerged was quite a departure from "We got to get out of this place' and 'House of the rising sun', combining rock with funk, jazz, and rhythmn and blues. In 1970 New Musical Express called War 'the best live band I ever saw" (they say that to all the girls now). War of course, were not alone in this blend of funk and rock, Electric Flag, Blood Sweat and Tears and early Chicago were doing the same.

Get ready then, for an absolute avalanche of Eric Burdon and War Reissues from the 1970's, come Febuary 11.

The Best of Eric Burdon and War

The Black Man''s Burdon

Eric Burdon Declares War

Love is All Around


Platinum Jazz


All Day Music

Deliver the Wrod

The World is a Ghetto

These albums contain 1970's political rock and funk like you've never heard it, with one of the best singers of that generation, Eric Burdon.

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