Monday, January 21, 2008

Cody Mathersons New Album Set to Single Handedly Revive West Coast Country Rock

The only album this year to outstrip Long Road to Eden, in terms of sales and critical acclaim will inevitably be this new release from one time prog rocker, Cody Matherson. It's hard to imagine that this one time member of the Strawbs, a critical but underated precursor to prog, would turn his formidable song-writing and vocal talents to country-rock.
" I have always been a great fan of Stephen Stills" says Cody,
" I was very sorry to hear about his recent illness, and have dedicated two tracks on the new album to him".
Cody is about to embark on a US tour in Spring, he is well known for he reinterpretations of classic country rock songs, including his version of Tim McGraw's version of Elton John's Tiny Dancer and his version of the Dixie Chick's version of Fleetwood Mac's Landslide.
Check him out, not to be missed
Image: Courtesy Parodyville


Strawbette said...

A member of Strawbs? I'd love to know more about this.

paul and dave said...

strawbette, the strawbs were a band that i think had rick wakeman in before he joined yes, cody however, well I wont embarras you but have a lok at who the iamge is courtesy of


Clitheroekid said...

This new album just rocks! Check out Cody's mind-blowing reinterpretation of Shania Twain's cover of Stairway to Heaven, how he reaches and holds that high C is awesome.

The other truly outstanding track is his totally off the wall version of DD Dolly Parton's own rendition (which I admit I'd never heard) of the old Floyd track `The Lunatic is on the Grass' from Dark Side.

Get it NOW!!!